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m2 advanced
the hands-free diving propulsion system with outstanding performance data for professional use

maraneo m2 advanced: The underwater propulsion system for the professional diver

The maraneo m2 advanced is an underwater propulsion system for professional divers. The high thrust of up to 42kg is introduced fatigue-free via the thighs so that the hands remain free. The control is intuitive via body movements and is learned within a few minutes.


  • > 42 kg thrust
  • up to 9 km/h (150m/min) under water
  • very low noise level
  • > 100 m pressure-tight
  • low maintenance effort
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • stepless speed regulation
  • extremely modular mounting options
  • absolutely corrosion resistant
  • 1062 Wh lithium-ion battery (UN38.3 certified and fast-chargeable)
  • Charging time up to 80%: < 1 hour
  • Charging time to 100%: < 2 hours
  • Maintenance-free, no wear components that need to be replaced regularly
  • All plugs can also be plugged in when submerged in water
  • High-quality and absolutely corrosion-resistant materials (aluminum, POM, titanium, rubber)

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System at a glance

  1. Drive unit
  2. Control unit with spiral cable
  3. Hand control unit with spiral cable
  4. Battery unit in carrying bag with Molle system and buoyancy compensators
  5. Connecting cable with plugs on both sides
  6. Stable and non-slip carrying belt with Molle system

The drives

  1. Very powerful patented gearless direct drive
  2. Hydrodynamically optimized thrust nozzle made of impact-resistant material
  3. Ergonomically shaped holster with extended thrust support and adjustment option
  4. Full rubber strap for flexible and at the same time stable as well as slip-free fastening on the thigh also on neoprene
  5. Plug to battery unit
  6. Double joint for full mobility with simultaneous torsional rigidity

Propeller can be removed without tools even with neoprene gloves on. This allows the user e.g. to free the propeller from seaweed should it ever be clogged with it. Due to the design self-finding, the propeller can also be mounted blind.

The control unit

  1. Rotary knob for stepless speed regulation
  2. On-off switch
  3. Sliding lid for mechanical LED cover
  4. Push button for requesting the status light (goes out again by itself 5s after actuation)
  5. Indicator light
  1. Rotatable and height-adjustable in 90° steps by means of grid and 3 screws
  2. Support system with Security Lock and angle adjustment (TekLok)

Connectors to main unit and hand control are interchangeable. Together with the connecting cables designed as spiral cables, the control unit can be carried anywhere.

  • All control elements can be easily operated with neoprene gloves
  • Position of all control elements can also be finger felt
  • Direct continuation with set speed after switching off and on again
  • Direct continuation with set speed after switching off and on again

The hand control

The optionally attachable hand control lies securely in the hand and is designed so that it can be easily operated even with tools in the hand. The spiral cable allows free positioning in the room. If the hand control unit is plugged in, stepless thrust control is performed automatically via this unit, otherwise via the main control unit. Suitable for right- and left-handers due to symmetrical design and rotatable and length-adjustable rubber band as anti-loss device.
  1. Anti-loss device can be rotated 360°
  2. Ribbed and self-locking knob for good operability also with neoprene gloves

The battery unit

The main unit with battery can be switched active (START) or completely switched off (OFF) by a simple slide switch. When the unit is completely switched off, it has an extremely low self-discharge which ensures storage without charging for many months without deep discharge. The unit will automatically return to this state after 1.5 hours without use.

  1. Robust case for modular mounting
  2. Connector to charger or additional battery
  3. Connector to control unit
  4. Connector to drive units

The main unit can be modularly attached to other diving equipment such as a buoyancy jacket or the belt, which has been optimized for this purpose and is included in the delivery, by means of a robust bag equipped with a Molle system. A plastic Molle " 3-pin " for quick release is also available as an option. The bag is designed so that air bubbles and water can escape quickly in each case.